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Certificate of Language Proficiency

You’re applying for a job, and proficiency in the English language is a requirement? Planning to go on a student exchange and need proof of your knowledge of the German language?

Proficiency in a foreign language is a common requirement in the academic and professional world — almost every job position demands a certain level of proficiency in a foreign language.

If you possess knowledge of a foreign language and need to prove it, you can undergo testing at Ad Hoc – Centar and obtain a Certificate of Language Proficiency without having to attend a course first.

Uvjerenje o poznavanju jezika

The testing consists of written and oral components that assess your knowledge of vocabulary, grammar, writing, comprehension, use of language structures, as well as spoken interaction and production.

Upon completing the testing, our experienced instructors will evaluate your test and determine your language proficiency level (in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). We will then issue a Certificate of Language Proficiency, the Croatian and the English version, as quickly as possible.

Certificates of Language Proficiency are available for a wide range of languages. Prior scheduling and reservation of a testing slot are required.

Enhance your competitiveness in job applications, facilitate the process of relocating to another country, or ensure an international scholarship — reach out to us with confidence!


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