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Simultaneous, consecutive and whispered interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is done in sound-proof booths where, using a headset, interpreters listen to what the speaker is saying while simultaneously translating it into the target language. Audience members equipped with a set of headphones receive the message delivered by the interpreter.

This type of interpreting is primarily used in professional conferences, congresses, meetings, symposia, seminars, press conferences, etc. Our team of interpreters is made up of highly skilled professionals with rich experience in the field of interpreting, able to deal with the most challenging situations. We provide interpretation services for a wide variety of language pairs.

simulatno prevođenje

Being well aware that organizing conferences, symposia or similar events takes a lot of effort, time and financial resources and that such events are extremely important, we put particular attention to the quality of our interpretation services. Simultaneous interpreting services of poor quality may undermine the success and importance of the event and may create unpleasant situations for both the organisers and lecturers.

Consecutive interpreting is a form of interpreting which is most appropriate for events with a smaller number of participants, where personal contact is necessary. Some examples of such events are business meetings, conferences, gatherings, interviews or any other similar events involving a limited number of speakers.

In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter waits for the speaker to finish a sentence or an idea and then transfers the content of the speaker’s words into the target language. Consecutive interpreters adjust to the style and dynamics of speech of each individual speaker. They usually prepare in advance for this form of interpretation by studying related topics, reference materials and literature dealing with the content that is to be interpreted. Interpreters practice their skills using mnemonic techniques and a special system of note-taking, which enables them to accurately render the speaker’s words into the target language.

Our team includes highly qualified interpreters specially trained in consecutive interpreting. Knowledge of professional terminology, flexibility and reliability are our strongest points.

Whispered interpreting, also known as chuchotage, is an interpretation technique used at shorter conferences, meetings, or other events when one or two listeners don’t understand the speaker’s language. It can be used as an alternative to simultaneous and consecutive interpreting.

In whispered interpreting, the interpreter sits or stands next to/behind the person while simultaneously whispering the speaker’s presentation in the target language, allowing for uninterrupted and seamless communication. This ensures that what is said is understood and responded to immediately, which is crucial for making quick decisions and maintaining productivity.

Šaptano prevođenje

Since it does not require any special technical equipment, whispered interpreting is flexible and adaptable to various settings. There is no need for setting up interpreting booths, making this method very practical, though it can be quite demanding for both the interpreter and the listeners.

Language barriers are no longer an issue with whispered interpreting. Contact us to learn how whispered interpreting can help you communicate on an international level.

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