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Privacy policy

This Privacy Policy, based on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), explains which personal data is collected in relation to our services, how we process, use and protect such data, for what purposes the data are used and what your rights are regarding your data.


A person’s privacy and personal data protection are their human rights. It is our duty to act with care in regard to persons whose data we have collected and stored. Data represent a responsibility and they are to be collected and processed only when absolutely necessary.

We observe the following principles with the aim of protecting your privacy:

  • We do not collect more data than necessary,
  • We do not use your data for any purposes other than those that are indicated,
  • We do not keep your data if they are no longer necessary or if there are no valid legal grounds to do so,
  • We never sell, borrow, distribute personal data or make them publicly available,
  • We do not give access to your data to any third parties without your knowledge,
  • We do not transfer personal data outside of the EU/EEA,
  • We do not perform profiling of individuals nor do we make predictions about your personal preferences or behaviours,
  • We make sure that your personal data is safely stored and protected.

It is important to read this Privacy Policy and we hope that you will dedicate your time and attention to it. We have tried to outline it as clearly as possible, for it to be comprehensible to everyone, with the aim of keeping your full trust in the manner in which we handle your personal data.

We regularly improve our Privacy Policy in order to also improve the protection of your data. This Privacy Policy has been updated on 4 February 2020.

Ad Hoc-centar za poduke i prevoditeljstvo d.o.o.
Ad Hoc-centar za edukaciju d.o.o.


    AD HOC-CENTAR ZA PODUKE I PREVODITELJSTVO d.o.o., Draškovićeva 4a, 10000 Zagreb, acts as a controller with regard to your personal data, you being either potential, current or former attendants of our education programmes or users of our translation, copy editing, proofreading and court interpreter services, our business associates and candidates for employment.

    AD HOC-CENTAR ZA EDUKACIJU d.o.o., Stjepana Radića 12, 31000 Osijek, acts as a controller with regard to your personal data, you being either potential, current or former attendants of our education programmes and our business associates.

    Together, we ensure all security measures to protect your personal data and full compliance with the obligations outlined in the GDPR and other regulations in the field of personal data protection.


    AD HOC processes your data in several ways:

    a) Upon your enrolment in and attendance of our education programmes and your taking of tests, we collect the necessary set of personal data of the attendants and parents of underage attendants (name, surname, address, date of birth, phone number, e-mail address, for students also their student card number) for the purposes of enrolment, the taking of the placement test and the conclusion of contract for attending the classes, issuing of diplomas, certificates and invoices. We make sure that the necessary scope of collected data stays compliant with the accounting and tax regulations, and we destroy the tests and documentation created during the classes in a secure manner, 12 months after the end of classes. We keep the original diplomas and certificates for five years after the end of the final knowledge test so that you can still collect them personally during this time.

    b) When providing translation, copy editing, proofreading and court interpreter’s certified translation services, we collect the necessary set of your personal data (name, surname, phone, e-mail address) and all data that you voluntarily deliver to us within texts and originals of the documentation for which you seek translation, proofreading and certified translation services, to which we are bound by the professional obligation of secrecy. We make sure that the necessary scope of collected data stays compliant with the accounting and tax regulations, and we store the texts and original documentation with the use of the highest security measures. We permanently destroy them in a secure manner, no later than 15 years after the delivery of translation, copy editing, proofreading and certified translation services.

    c) When we hire you as an external lecturer, teacher, translator or court interpreter, we collect the necessary set of your personal data which we need during the contractually agreed engagement, and we make sure that the necessary scope of the collected data is compliant with the accounting and tax regulations.

    d) Upon your employment with us, we collect your resume and job application and the necessary set of your personal data required in accordance with the regulations for the purposes of concluding the employment contract. If we are unable to employ you at that moment, we will keep your data for another year, based on your consent, for the purposes of potential employment during that period. We permanently and securely delete and destroy data, resumes, job applications and other documents of candidates who have not been employed, unless they give us their consent for further retention.

    e) Newsletters are sent based on our legitimate interest solely to our education programme attendants for whom we know for certain that they will be interested in new classes or based on the consent of potential attendants whose necessary personal data we use up to the moment of the person’s request to be removed from the list of recipients or their consent withdrawal, at which occasion we delete them permanently.

    f) Although you may use our web page without providing any personal data, when you contact us through our contact form for the purposes of potential employment, establishing a business relationship or making a query, we collect your name, surname and e-mail address. As long as we have an open communication in the sense of establishing cooperation and potential contractual relationship, we will collect and keep using your personal data. The data are erased upon expiration of the contract, cessation of legal obligations or if there are no other legal grounds for processing your personal data under the GDPR. Upon your initial query made through our contact form on the web page or directly to our e-mail addresses, we will respond to your request. If no further communication will exist between us, we will erase all your personal data after six months.

    If you are younger than 16, you have to attach the consent of a parent or the holder of parental responsibility before providing any personal data.

    Our web page contains links to other websites and social media (e.g. Facebook) and this Privacy Policy does not apply to them. We recommend you read the privacy policy of every web page and social media that you visit, especially those where you leave your data.

    g) In order to maintain our web page and ensure that it functions as you expect it to when you visit it, we use cookies.

    Cookies are small files which we send to your computer and their purpose is to improve the functionality of the web page. They can be temporary or permanent.

    Cookies we use on our website:

    It is used for discovering and preventing violent attacks on the web page.
    This cookie is used to determine whether the visitor has accepted or declined cookies.
    24 hours
    Limiting the number of requests
    2 years
    Visiting statistics of the web page
    24 hours
    Visiting statistics of the web page

    We do not collect or store any of your personal data by using necessary cookies needed to ensure the functionality of our web page.

    In order to use other cookies with which we would collect your personal data, we require your prior consent. Even if you do not consent, you will still be able to fully use our web page.

    Cookie settings


    We cooperate with reliable business partners who help us provide and improve our services and make our direct communication with you more efficient. We provide access to your personal data to certified external data processors for the purpose of processing personal data on our behalf and in accordance with the explicit instructions based on the concluded privacy protection contracts.

    Those partners undertake to strictly obey the obligation of confidentiality in accordance with this Privacy Policy, with the contracts which we concluded with them and in accordance with the obligations existing under the GDPR.

    Our selected external data processors are external lecturers, teachers, translators and court interpreters, as well as business partners who provide accounting and bookkeeping services, IT services and services of maintaining business applications and web and e-mail hosting, without which we would not be able to ensure the highest quality of our services.


    At any moment, you are free to contact us in order to:

    • ACCESS all of your personal data that we have collected,
    • RECTIFY your personal data that we have collected,
    • ERASE your personal data that we have collected,
    • RESTRICT the processing of your personal data,
    • OBJECT to the processing of your personal data,
    • REQUEST your personal data with the aim of transferring it to a third party, or
    • WITHDRAW CONSENT if you have given it to us.

    If you wish to exercise any of these rights, feel free to send a request:

    • via our contact form on our web page or
    • via the e-mail address or
    • by post to the address of AD HOC.

    We will respond to your request as soon as possible, no later than one month from the date of receipt of your request. If we are unable to confirm your identity with certainty, we will take the liberty of requesting additional verification of your identity.

    If you believe that processing of your personal data is taking place in a manner that is contrary to the GDPR, you are entitled to lodge a complaint with the competent supervisory authority. For the territory of the Republic of Croatia, the supervisory authority is the Croatian Personal Data Protection Agency, with the following registered office address: Selska cesta 136, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia, web:, phone: +385 1 4609 000.


    We reserve the right to regularly improve the wording of this Privacy Policy, primarily for the purpose of complying with legislative changes, i.e., changes regarding the purposes and manners of processing. However, we will not in any way limit your rights arising from this Privacy Policy or the applicable regulations. In the event of any changes to the rules that may affect your rights, you will be notified in a timely, direct and appropriate manner.


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