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Certified translation / Translation by an authorized court interpreter

Do you need certified translation of a document by an authorized court interpreter? You came to the right place!

Ad Hoc-Centar offers certified translation services by authorized court interpreters for all types of documents for more than 30 languages (English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Hungarian, Slovenian, Bosnian, Serbian, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Arabic, Albanian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Chinese, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Swedish, Danish, Greek, Latin, Dutch, Romanian, Turkish, Hebrew, etc.).

Ad Hoc-Centar’s court interpreters will make sure your document is translated in a professional and reliable manner within the shortest time possible.

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What is a certified translation/translation by an authorized court interpreter?

Certified translation is a form of translation applicable to all document types, performed by an authorized court interpreter who translates the original document and with their stamp and signature guarantees that the translation is faithful to the original text.

Certified translation of a document bearing the stamp of an authorized court interpreter is required when a document in a foreign language must be submitted or presented to a competent institution for the purpose of exercising certain rights or proving certain facts.

The process of compiling certified translation of a document is governed by the Ordinance on Permanent Court Interpreters issued by the Croatian Ministry of Justice (Official Gazette 88/08).

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Even though authorized court interpreters translate texts delivered in different formats, including certified or uncertified copies, as well as scanned or faxed documents – with the text of attestation statement specifying the nature of the original document, we strongly recommend that the source language document be submitted in its original form. The reason for this is that embossed stamps or watermarks, as crucial components of every official translation, are not usually clearly visible on a copied or scanned version of the document, which can create difficulties for the court interpreter. Besides, official state bodies, such as different registrar’s offices, require that documents be submitted in their original form.

To put it simply: certified translation is a translation bearing the stamp and signature of an authorized court interpreter.

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Who is a court interpreter?

A court interpreter is a person appointed by the Ministry of Justice in accordance with legal regulations of a particular state, whose duty is to translate written or spoken text from one language into another at the request of a court, natural or legal person.

Court interpreters are responsible for accuracy of translated documents because even the slightest mistake may cause substantial difficulties.

All documents with their original version written in a foreign language must be translated and certified by an authorized court interpreter in order to have probative force in legal transactions of a given state.

translation is identical to the original document
highest level of expertise
original document or its copy is attached to the translation
translation contains the attestation statement signed and stamped by the interpreter
data confidentiality guaranteed
delivery within deadline guaranteed
original document layout preserved.

What are key characteristics of certified translation/translation by authorized court interpreter?


How to order and collect a translation by an authorized court interpreter/certified translation?

You can order or collect certified translation of a document personally at our offices in Zagreb and Osijek, via e-mail, by mobile phone (WhatsApp, Viber), on any data storage media, or by post – simply put: a certified translation of a document may be ordered wherever you are, whenever it suits you.

How is certified translation charged?

Pricing of translation services is calculated based on the model “per one translation page”.
One translation page contains 1,500 characters with spaces. Character count is computer-based.
Minimum charge unit is 1 translation page.

If you want to know how many translation pages the document that you need to translate contains, just send it via e-mail and get a free estimate of the number of translation pages. We will send you a translation quote as soon as possible!

Which documents require certification by a court interpreter?

Our court interpreters will perform certified translation for ALL types of documents.
Clients usually request certified translation of the following documents:

Certificate of no criminal record
Marriage certificate/excerpt from the Register of Marriages
Birth certificate/excerpt from register of births
Death certificate/excerpt from the Register of Deaths
School certificate
Grades transcript
University degree
Certificate of citizenship
Certificate of residence/temporary residence
Work permit
Employment record book
Driving licence
Certificate of income
Bank certificate
Other personal documents

Excerpt from the court register
Articles of association
Financial statement (balance sheets, audit reports, etc.)
Tender documentation
Technical documentation
Other documentation

User manuals
Bills of quantities
Certificates of product quality testing
Product technical specifications
Other technical documentation

Court judgements
Notary public certificates
Other legal documentation

Medical records/medical documentation
Specifications of pharmaceutical products
Medical research
Laboratory analyses
Other medical documentation


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