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Do you want to reach audiences worldwide and expand into new, foreign markets?
Are you looking to distribute video content originally in a foreign language in the Croatian market?

Contact us to inquire about our subtitling services.

We are surrounded by audiovisual content that we consume on a daily basis in a world full of different types of media, and there is often a need for translation of such content or for addition of subtitles to it. If you want to make your video content, promotions, social media content, movies, series, or podcasts available in Croatian or any other foreign language, you can rely on us.


Subtitling, or audiovisual translation, is the process of adding written translations to content in a language not spoken in the audiovisual material. Like any form of translation, it has its unique challenges – time constraints, synchronization of speech and subtitles, as well as technical features and requirements. Subtitles allow viewers to watch films, videos and television series in languages they do not understand, assist individuals with hearing impairments in understanding dialogues and sounds, and often serve as a language tool for learning foreign languages. Subtitling plays a crucial role in the global distribution and translation of audiovisual content, ensuring understanding and enjoyment across different linguistic and cultural contexts and nuances, as the quality of subtitle translation directly impacts the overall viewer experience.


Our experienced translators will translate your content into the desired language quickly and accurately, and deliver high-quality subtitles that meet all of your requirements. Contact us to ensure your audience enjoys every detail of your content.


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