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Convert your audio and video recordings into text!

Do you want to make analysing and searching through audio or video recordings easier? You don’t have time to listen to a business meeting recording and note down important information? Do you wish to analyse important parts of hearings or lectures multiple times without having to listen to less relevant parts? We’ve got a solution for you – transcription!

Transcription is the process of converting speech or sound into written text. It is typically used in situations where audio or video recordings of conversations, lectures, or interviews are made to aid in content analysis. While transcription may appear to be simple, it is a complex process that requires concentration, listening skills, meticulousness, language knowledge, and speed.


Transcription can be verbatim, faithfully capturing every spoken detail, or edited, removing unnecessary interactions or repetitions. It is often used in research studies, legal cases, journalism, and many other fields.

Text transcribed onto paper eliminates ambiguities, prevents potential misunderstandings, and allows for analysis and review of the material.

Let our transcription services save you time and simplify your work. Contact us and trust us with converting your recordings into written documents.


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